Startup Guide and Example Code

Step-by-step instructions - to get started

The Basics

Java Example project for download: This includes both, a BIG IoT Data Provider and Data Consumer project in Java, including all build files to build and run it direclty (gradlew run) or import it into your IDE.

How to develop a BIG IoT Consumer?

  • Simple Consumer example for accessing a known Offering (full example code is available here):
// Initialize Consumer with Consumer ID and marketplace URL
Consumer consumer = new Consumer("Your Consumer ID - get it from Marketplace", "")
       .authenticate("Your Consumer SECRET - get it from Marketplace");

// Subscribe to Offering by OfferingId
Offering offering = consumer.subscribeByOfferingId("OfferingId - find it on Marketplace").get();

// Define Input Data as access parameters
AccessParameters accessParameters = AccessParameters.create();
       // e.g. .addRdfTypeValue("schema:latitude", 42.0).addRdfTypeValue("schema:longitude", 9.0);

// Access Offering one-time with Access Parameters (input data) --> response includes JSON results
AccessResponse response = offering.accessOneTime(accessParameters).get();

How to develop a BIG IoT Provider?

  • Simple Provider example - register a new Offering on the Marketplace (full example code is available here):
// Initialize provider with provider id and Marketplace URI
ProviderSpark provider = ProviderSpark.create("Your Provider ID - get it from Marketplace", 
                                              "", "IP address of your node", 6789)
        .authenticate("Your Consumer SECRET - get it from Marketplace");

// Create an Offering Description based on a stored descripton on the Marketplace
RegistrableOfferingDescription offeringDescription = 
        provider.createOfferingDescriptionFromOfferingId("OfferingId - get it from Marketplace");

// Define an Endpoint for your Offering
Endpoints endpoints = Endpoints.create(offeringDescription)
        // provide an AccessRequestHandler - it is called each time a Consmer accesses your offering

// Register the offering - from now on it will be discoverable, subscribable and accessible to consumers
provider.register(offeringDescription, endpoints);

Further Java example applications for consumers and providers are available here.

Download SDK

Information on how to download and use our SDK directly in your porject is provided here.

Background Information

Background information and details on the BIG IoT architecture and vision are available here.