Getting started

Using the BIG IoT libraries, it is easy to get started to dive into the BIG IoT ecosystem. These libs allow providers to register and manage their offerings and consumers to access offerings from the BIG IoT Marketplace.

BIG IoT Architecture

In this developer guide, two parts are described:

  1. in this example, we show how to extend an existing IoT platform to be BIG IoT-enabled. The example platform is a simple IoT platform which offers temperature data from different locations and makes them public on the BIG IoT Marketplace.
  2. in this example, we show how to use the BIG IoT Consumer Library to access this data from the perspective of a developer who wants to retrieve that data in an application or service.

Registration on the Marketplace

Before you can use the BIG IoT API lib to consume or provide, you have to create a user account on the Marketplace.

Please visit the Marketplace to do that. At the end of the registration process you will receive a marketplace API key, a provider/consumer ID and a provider/consumer certificate, which you can use in the API.