Release Notes


NOTE: Update to this version requires a minor change to the Programming API (see the AccessRequestHandler below). All other changes are backward compatibile.

Highlighted features and changes since 0.9.6:

  • Extended Consumer Lib to also access Offerings with an HTTP endpoint (before only HTTPS was supported)
  • Extended AccessRequestHandler to also provide the Subscriber Id and Consumer information in the callback function
    • public BigIotHttpResponse processRequestHandler (OfferingDescription offeringDescription, Map<String,Object> inputData) –>
    • public BigIotHttpResponse processRequestHandler (OfferingDescription offeringDescription, Map<String,Object> inputData, String subscriberId, String consumerInfo)
  • Introduces Provider Lib functionality for acess streams:
    • This allows a provider to simply qeue stream data in an RegisteredOffering with the queue() method
    • For such offerings, the Provider Lib will then directly stream those queued data to consumers upon an access requests - without the access callback function
    • offering.flush() will flush queued data in the access stream
    • an AccessStreamFilterHandler can be provided during offering creation (with .withAccessStreamFilterHandler()) to support input parameter filtering
  • Extended Consumer Lib trust manager to trust besides the Provider Lib endpoints also any Provider end point with a certificate that is trusted by the Java VM
  • Improved Lib stability of Marketplece interactions, e.g. re-registration will continue after Marketplace crash
  • Extended BigIotHttpResponse.okay().withBody() to also allow passing of JSONObjects or JSONArrays in the response
  • Bug fixes:
    • .inCity() or .inRegion() is now optional for Offering Descriptions
    • .withPricingModel(PricingModel.FREE) is now also supported by the Provider Lib supported
    • .withPrice() and .withPriceModel() are now optional and a Free Pricing Model is chosed by default
    • the access response .map() function works now also when the response includes unexpected property names - those are simnply ignored


Highlighted features and changes since 0.8.0. Checkout more-java-examples on GitHub

  • Renamed package prefix from org.bigiot.lib to org.eclipse.bigiot.lib
  • Renamed addInputDataElement to addInputData in RegistrableOfferingDescription
  • Renamed term AccoutingType to PricingModel in all methods
  • Introduced Complex Types
    • On provider side, use addInputData(/*..*/, IOData.createMembers()./*..*/) to configure your offering
    • On consumer side, use AccessParameters.create().addNameValue("myComplex", AccessParameters.create()./*..*/)
  • Added support for consumer side integrated offerings (integration mode 2) with the following degrees of freedom
    • XML and JSON encoding
    • Parameters in path, query, body and body template
  • Introduced OfferingSelector for defining a rule set to select a single offering out of the discovery response
  • Map the access response to your POJO
    • Automatic mapping: List<MyPojo> list = res.get().map(MyPojo.class)
    • Source code annoated remapping: List<MyPojoAnnoated> list = res.get().map(MyPojoAnnotated.class)
    • Programmatic remapping: List pojo = res.get().map(MyCustomPojo.class, OutputMapping.create().addTypeMapping("schema:geoCoordinates", "myCoordinate")/*..*/)
  • Introduced HTTP proxy configuration, use provider.setProxy("",3128) and provider.addProxyBypass(""))
  • Supported automatic renewal of offerings
  • Specification of route for offering registration is now optional
  • Enabled offering queries including a subset of search parameters (search for all type of offerings in Barcelona)
  • Added inCity for creating offering descriptions and offering queries